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Valentine's Day? Sorted by Drinkly!

Ah February the 14th; our favourite time of year at Drinkly HQ as cupid draws back his bow and surprises us with secret admirers and unexpected displays of affection! (if only!)

Of course, Valentine’s Day has moved on a little from just that… it’s become an overwhelming celebration of love; whether that’s between you and your better half, your friends, family, or quite simply loving yourself – that’s the most important part 💕

It’s a day of appreciation, kindness, and giving – so we’re spreading the love with a complimentary fresh red rose with every order; whether you’re in a relationship or not, you deserve to be pampered!

That’s the flowers sorted… now onto more important indulgences….

Perhaps you’d like to treat yourself to a glass of something delicious, surprise your lover with their favourite bottle beautifully gift-wrapped, or you’re in need of the perfect drink to complete a candlelit dinner. Well, we’re here to make sure the love never stops flowing, because nothing’s more unromantic than having to pause the evening for a cold, miserable trip to the supermarket!

But what do you choose? A fine wine? An aged spirit? A selection of their favourite craft beers?

We’re taking the pressure out of your decision making, with our top 10 products, guaranteed to put a smile on yours, or your loved one’s face!

Our Top Picks For Valentine’s Day

  1. What’s Valentine’s Day without the one and only Eden Mill Love Gin! This gorgeous gin, infused with hibiscus flowers, not only tastes superb (accompanied with a Cushiedoos tonic) but also does the scary bit for you. If you’re in a new relationship and don’t quite know how to say the words… just leave this gin on the table, your partner will soon get the message!
  2. To ease into the evening, top up Edinburgh Gin’s Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur with soda water (we find tonic masks the taste a little too much) then garish with pomegranate seeds or, if you’re keen to pull out all the stops, deliver them on a tray of rose petals. If you’re thinking ‘where on earth am I going to get rose petals?’ then don't forget, we're supplying the rose!
  3. Now it's time for a little aphrodisiac - Champagne is recommended whenever you're trying to turn the romance up a notch, but on Valentine's Day it's an essential. We like to rely on our trusty friend Taittinger... you're in safe hands with this one!
  4. If you're on a Champagne lifestyle but a lemonade wage, fear not - this more affordable Roger Goulart Cava has an equally impressive bottle and tastes superb.
  5. Some might like to prioritise the Birds & Bees - literally! We love this golden ale from Williams Brothers, it's got notes of lemon zest and elderflower making us excited for summer.
  6. On the wine front, it's ALL about food pairings. Since you can enjoy Bogle Chardonnay with just about anything (and on it's own), it's one our favourites! There's juicy ripe pear and nectarine fruit cradled in gently toasted oak with layers of creamy and buttery flavours and textures.
  7. More of a red drinker? Try the El Monstruo Malbec. Packed full of bramble fruits and a hint of spice, this is a smooth and seductive wine that's very very drinkable.
  8. As the meal draws to a close, its time to turn to the cocktails; if you're looking to turn up the heat, why not shake up some Margaritas - we've got all the ingredients and will even provide the ice too! 
  9. To end the day on a high, it's about time the most indulgent ingredient gets its opportunity to shine. Bring on the chocolate! Why not sip on Gold Chocolate Liqueur over ice or delve into a Nutella ice-cream, made here in Scotland by S. Luca.
  10. If you're still at your wits end over what to order this Valentine's Day, then we really have done all the hard work for you.... order our ultimate date night combo and let our expert partnered retailer choose the drinks for you! 

Get all of the above delivered chilled to your door within one hour and, however you choose to spend it, have a truly lovely Valentine's Day! 

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